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Naruto Het - Amoury M/F style

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Naruto Hetero Pairings
Hello, this is a community for those of us who are in the mood for Naruto het. For yaoi lovers, there is the narutoyaoi, and for those who likes girl-girl love, there is yuri_naruto.

Pairing Names, for the purposes of tags, and the listing of het pairing comms below, will be 'CharacterName/CharacterName' in full, regardless of who is 'on top', who is listed first goes by alphabetical order. You may tag your posts, and if you can't find a tag for your pairing, use OtherPairing.

If you want to find all the pairings that a character is in but don't want to scroll, scroll, scroll, go to the tag page, use the Find and Find Next feature that most browsers have on menu.

- the old mod gsyh
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